Monday, October 21, 2013

Message Sent 5/5: Closure

Dear Christy,

It was out of the blue when I first sent you a message and out of curiosity, you replied. And it was the start of something that I never expected to have, indescribable feeling, incomparable happiness, a friendship within a friendship.

It was out of confusion when I seek your friendship and out of kindness you didn't turned me down.

I admired your being you that I won't attempt to do things that'll make your day ruined throughout the day. I don’t want to lose your trust and let that friendship turn into mess.
When you leave, I just told you: "You are now living your dreams", but you know what? You're not the only one living your dreams...I am too. :)

Then, you are just a picture that I keep on staring whenever I have the chance but on six occasions, you have given me an opportunity to meet the person that I've been dreaming of to meet for the longest time. 'Yun na yata ang pinakamasasarap na dinner ko. :)

Then, a fear of rejection forbids me to say a simple greeting of "Hi!" to you but you replied on every message that I sent whenever you have the time.
Then, I only see your wondrous smile on my monitor but I have seen and experienced that wonderful grin up close and personal.

You never failed to make me smile on every message you sent and I hope I also made you smile too in my own little ways.
You let go of the boredom that lives upon me and I wish I've done that to you in my own little deeds.
It's a different feeling of happiness whenever you talk to me, whenever I am with you, whenever I heard you comforting me; I hope you have felt what I'm feeling.

And it's ironic that It's me who laugh the most whenever I heard you laughing on every corny joke that I delivered.

I know sooner or later, the time will come that you can hardly send a Hi! to me but that will not prevent me to stop from praying your safety. It will be selfish of me that I only think of my own happiness than thinking of your plans and dreams to come true.

I know, that time won't easily allow us to meet again but that doesn't stop us to pursue and treasured this friendship.

I know that this moment will come but I never prepared for it. 

I know that all of this has to end but I want you to know that I never regret the day the first time I said "Hi" to you. How can I even regret the day that started it all?

You are more than meets the eye and I'm surely will miss you 'coz you are worth missing than anyone else but instead of spending worthless sour-graping, I will wish that all the best be upon you to be able to performed your work at your greatest.

Thanks for being around. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for everything. :(
I know that goodbye is farewell but it does not mean forever, I'm still hoping that someday, somewhere, somehow our paths will cross again. 
It hurts but I have to accept it.

Gusto kong malaman mo na: "Isa kang panaginip na naging totoo na bumalik muli sa pagiging panaginip."

Good luck & have a safe journey.



  1. Hay pag ibig.

    *virtual hug!* Huwag kang mag alala. Magiging ayos din ang lahat.
    Saying goodbye (for now) is the hardest part, pero sabi nga nila,
    sa tuwing may lumilisan, merong dumadating.

  2. awww... relate much here... hyyy... i hate goodbyes...tsk