Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A No Malice Anomalies

It is not my intention to degrade or humiliate the Philippines and the Filipinos as well, but with all the controversial, scam and anomalies that our society and government involve into maybe it's time to call their attention and tell them that the lists of these anomalies bothers and disturbed us! A no malice (or should I say full of malice) reiteration of anomalies that affects our children's future, our lives, integrity and economy. Anomalies that are headlines of different news program (here and abroad), newspaper, radio and other medium of communication, anomalies that are hindrance to our progress, anomalies that put us in a bad light in the eyes of other nation, anomalies that made us (un)popular, anomalies that showcase the creativity of our leaders.
Anomalies that confirms and affirms private individuals, businessmen, government officials are indeed corrupt. Anomalies literally enumerated from A to Z.
This is what our officials do.
This is how our money were spent.
This is where our taxes go.

The Hit:
The Generals who are ally of a former president allegedly received tens of millions of pesos, after retirement. An AFP comptroller accused of pocketing P300 million from Military Fund.
The Damage: More than P303 Million.
The Verdict: A retired General commits suicide who have been disturbed by the accusation. Ombudsman has agreed to a plea bargain agreement offered by the AFP Comptroller. CASE ONGOING.

The Hit: C5 - NLEX link project. A joint deal by the previous government and the company BENPRES. The 22 kilometer-8 lanes project said to be overpriced by P51 to P53 million per kilometer.
The Damaged: about P1.1 Billion.
The Verdict: UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: Two senators exposed the double insertion of the C-5 Road extension project. The two even accused their co-senator that he used his influence as a senator for the alleged anomaly. The anomaly includes the realigned P4.28 Billion pesos for the extension project, the P1.8 billion spent for the original project but was wasted due to the realignment, and the reportedly overpriced payment of P141 million in right-of-way for Senator's real estate companies.
The Damaged: P6.2 Billion.
The Verdict: The Senate Committee of the Whole has ordered the involved Senator to return P6.2 billion pesos which the government spent on the allegedly anomalous C-5 Road Extension Project. UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: Allegedly, the previous administration has already used up 70.4% of the 2010 entire calamity fund in the first half of the year.
The Damaged: P1.4 Billion.

The Hit: Intended to showcase the Phils.' achievement in its 100 years as an independent nation but the project was criticized for the excessive amount of money that went to its construction.
The Damaged: P3.5 Billion.
The Verdict: Expo Pilipino closed down in 1999 after sustaining heavy losses. UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: Two officials of previous administration allegedly & anomaly made separate huge withdrawals from two Banks of the CAAP i.e. UCPB and LBP.
The Damaged: P400 Million.
The Verdict: Two lawmakers seeking a probe on this case.

The Hit: Eight Police officers including their spouses went to Moscow to attend a conference carrying with them an undeclared 105,000 Euros in cash.
The Damaged: P6.9 Million.
The Verdict: Ombudsman recommend filing of charges against former PNP Comptroller. One officer implicated in the controversy has been promoted to Chief Superintendent.

The Hit: A controversy involving accusation that DA undersecretary diverted a whopping hundred million peso fertilizer fund to the 2004 election campaign.
The Damaged: P728 Million
The Verdict: A task force is currently looking for the involvement of some 140 congressmen in the project. Case to be reopen for reinvestigation.

The Hit: The scam involved the 1,888-hectare Garchitorena estate in Camarines Sur, a former abaca plantation that was no longer useful for cultivation. The government nearly bought it in 1989 for P62.7 million.
The Damaged: P58.9 Million supposed losses of the government.
The Verdict: Land Bank expose the deal and the scam exploded in the media. SCAM SPOILED.

The Hit: Political scandal and electoral crisis that hit the Phils. in 2004. An alleged massive electoral fraud and subsequent cover-up involving high ranking officials of the government and COMELEC.
The Damaged: Hundreds of Millions taken from various Gov't fund.

The Hit: A certain "Jose Pidal" allegedly launders money in the diversion of Ginintuang Masaganang Ani Fund (Fertilizer Fund), as exposed by a senator.
The Damaged: P321 Million
The Verdict: Just this July 2011, A senator proposed for a reinvestigation of the case.

The Hit: A bank account known as Jose Velarde, a grassroot based number game (jueteng), as well as gov't price subsidy for tobacco farmers' marketing cooperative.
The Damaged: P400 Million
The Verdict: This scandal leads to another peaceful revolution also known as EDSA II and further convict a president for a Plunder Case. UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: Another political scandal erupted in June 2005 involving allegations that ally and relatives of a President receives pay-out from a illegal game, Jueteng.
The Damaged: Undisclosed Millions of peso.
The Verdict: Senate investigated the case "In Aid of Legislation". UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: As reported, some corrupt and unscrupulous LTO personnel managed to re-registered stolen cars and motorcycle by altering records.
The Damaged: It could be your stolen car or your motorcycle. Millions of pesos involved.
The Verdict: DOTC to look into anomalies.

The Hit: A 5.1 kilometer highway located in reclamation area of Roxas Boulevard reportedly dubbed as "The Most Expensive Boulevard in the World".
The Damaged: P1.1 Billion total cost. P630 Million overpriced.
The Verdict: UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: NPO continuously awarding a multi-million peso printing contract to a Privately-own-company (Asian Productivity Organization) despite the company's reputation. APO is reportedly in a brink of bankruptcy and heavy losses.
The Damaged: APO owed the state a total of P1.2 Billion.
The Verdict: NPO employee's are bent on stopping the entry of APO production unit as government printer.

The Hit: An anomalous transaction between FRAPORT AG (German based) thru PIATCO and Phil. Government to modernize the NAIA Terminal 3. But later found out that the contract is full of anomalies and said to be in violation of "Anti-Dummy Law".
The Damaged: The gov't spent $5.6 Million in lawyers fees & expenses.
The Verdict: The ICSID-Washington based International arbitration body, allows FRAPORT AG to initiate another case against Phil. government.

The Hit: The Gov't awarded the flagship project (32 Km stretch train project from Caloocan to Malolos) to a Chinese contractor (CNMEG) despite absence of public bidding and non-compliance with other government rules.
The Damaged: $400 Million loan from China's Export-Import Bank and $103 Million gov't counterpart fund, according to a senator is over-priced.
The Verdict: Government continues to pay interest charges for two NRP Loans to the tune of one-million pesos a day.

The Hit: Former president accused of diverting hundreds of millions of pesos in OWWA funds to her 2004 Presidential campaign.
The Damaged: About P530 Million
The Verdict: A former Solicitor General filed charges of plunder and other offenses against the accused and three of her former officials.

The Hit: 1. Former PAGCOR Chairman reportedly used PAGCOR funds to pay BIDA Foundation Inc. a total of P28.2 Million in check payment. 2. PAGCOR paid the BIDA production (again) a total of P24.98 Million for services rendered on various "projects" including BIDA pins worth a huge P8.82 Million. 3. Former Chairman approved P21.119 Million deal payable to two of its officials 2 days before a new president took office. Such amount represent food purchases in a 8-day period from McDonald's donated to PNP.
The Damaged: P74.3 Million, figure does not include other irregularities.
The Verdict: The said Chairman resigned from his post. Congress pushes probe on the matter.

The Hit: An anomalous transaction between PAG-IBIG and Globe Asiatique wherein Globe Asiatique used fake buyers and fraudulent documents to secure housing loans from PAG-IBIG.
The Damaged: P6.6 Billion.
The Verdict: Globe Asiatique officials faces at least 3 complaints of syndicated estafa. The Owner of GA denies the allegation.

The Hit: 1. Former PCSO PR Manager misused the fund by funding an overpriced advertisement expenses a portion of which is a kickback (P28.71 Million) from advertising firm. 2. The Agency had misused hundreds of millions of pesos for dubious intelligence activities with approval of the then president. The intelligence funds were diverted to relief operations and "blood money" donations.
The Damaged: P178.71 Million
The Verdict: Ombudsman begins probe of PCSO Funds anomaly.

The Hit: The Deal tagged as "The Grandmother of all Scams". The controversial deal involved the acquisition of 158 hectares of reclaimed land on Manila Bay that was to be converted into so-called Freedom Islands. The government paid P1.8 billion to acquire three islands in the Manila Bay at P1,200 per square meter 'though the value of properties in adjacent areas were pegged at P90,000 per square meter.
The Damaged: P1.8 Billion.
The Verdict: 5 PEA Officials and 4 gov't auditors involved in the sale ordered suspended by Sandiganbayan. The Supreme Court declared the deal unconstitutional. UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: Admirals from Phil. Coast Guard were accused of fund malversation. The requested fund was intended for oil spill clean-up but COA found out that it was diverted to purchase spare parts and repairs of ships that were not delivered and done respectively.
The Damaged: P325 Million.
The Verdict: The COA recommends the suspension of PCG Officials involved in the anomaly.

The Hit: In 2009, PNP officials purchased two refurbished R-44 Helicopters that were made to appear brand new. A senator says that the purchased helicopters were previously owned by a former president and her husband
The Damaged: P105 Million.
The Verdict: The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee have filed Senate Resolution 518 to investigate the purchase of the helicopters.


The Hit: Government-run QUEDANCOR allegedly granting some P2.75 million worth of “anomalous” loans to a man (Viniegas) despite the latter's alleged “falsified” loan documents.
The Damaged: P2.75 Million
The Verdict: Office of the Ombudsman filed charges against seven officials and two former employees of QUEDANCOR.

The Hit: Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) awarded the procurement of six units of flu-testing machine (machine used to confirm swine virus) to ROCHE (foreign-owned firm), a company that didn't submit the lowest bid. Report also says that ROCHE oversupply the overpriced machine by one unit which is a violation of the bidding rules.
The Damaged: P9.56 Million (for 4 units)
The Verdict: RITM Officials involved on the case were being (re)investigated.

The Hit: In 2004, the previous gov't imported some 900,000 metric tons of rice even if the shortage then was only at 117,000 MT while in 2007, the said administration also bought 1.827 million MT while the shortage was just 589,000 MT. This over-importation resulted to rice spoilage and wastage in NFA Warehouse.
The Damaged: P171.6 Billion, In the over-importation. COA Reports that NFA lost P100 Billion in 10 years.
The Verdict: A Senate Resolution No. 54 was introduced by a Senator to conduct investigation.

The Hit: 1. In 1999, the agency spent P143.3 Million, in 2000 ~ P188.4 Million for activities under the category of "Christmas expenses". 2. SSS switched investment from government securities and blue chip stocks to equity in crony firms i.e. PCI Bank, Belle Corporation shares plus a P400-million loan, P500 million in Waterfront, P167 million in Security Bank, and a share-swap with Pryce Corp. The auditors noted that all this was done when the economy was shaky.
The Damaged: 1. P331.7 Million 2. P15.6 Billion, respectively.
The Verdict: 1. COA confirmed the expenditures but yet resolved. 2. For some strange reason, the case was assigned to the Ombudsman’s office in the Visayas, where it still pends.

The Hit: The access road and the interchange were constructed and paid for by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority, and yet Hacienda Luisita Inc. charges toll fees; the farmers were not given their share of the sale of the right of way, and the owners of the property did not pay the government for royalty fees for the quarrying activities.
The Damaged: P34.106 Billion
The Verdict: Lower House to conduct a probe of the anomaly thru House Resolution 1329.

The Hit: In 1998, a provincial auditor of Ilocos Sur seeks explanation from a Governor of the same province on the status and expenditure of the hundred of millions of cash advances. The amount said to be Ilocos Sur's 20% share in the country's tobacco excise tax.
The Damaged: about P130 Million.
The Verdict: The said provincial auditor and his driver were later killed by unidentified gunman. NBI & Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigated the case. UNRESOLVED.

The Hit: The Zhong Xing Telecommunications Equipment Limited (ZTE) National Broadband Network Deal is a highly controversial, $329 million contract signed by the Philippine and Chinese governments. The NBN project was a proposal of the DOTC, a plan which started way back in 2005, aiming to establish a internet broadband connection to local government units and government agencies nationwide. A House Speaker's son divulged his knowledge of the huge overpricing and kickbacks involved in the deal.
The Damaged: The project was overpriced by P6 Billion.
The Verdict: A Senate inquiry was held to investigate case but it was all for for legislation purposes only. ZTE-Broadband deal was CANCELED due to its controversy. UNRESOLVED.

Millions and millions of pesos were wasted.
Billions and billions of pesos were misused.
The scams, scandals and anomalies stated does not include the misuse and diversion of pork barrel funds, the kickbacks and the SOP commissions granted by our respected officials, elected or appointed.

How can we pay the huge $161,195,818,768 external debt (2009 figures) with all that graft and corruption? While million of Filipinos are considered poor, while million of Filipinos experienced hunger, while million of Filipinos are jobless, while million of Filipino children needed education, these leaders and officials of our country are doing this to our motherland. How frustrating that the powerful people behind these scams, scandals and anomalies greedily thinks of how to pocket money for their own good, instead of intelligently thinks on how to spend our money for the good of the country and its countrymen.

To quote a good pastor "dumb are those people who willfully do wrong despite knowing what is right" and I found no reason to object it. These people certainly knows what is right and what is wrong 'coz they are more educated than many of us but they chose to do wrong. Amazingly, in spite of the dozen anomalies and scandals that shocked our nation no one admits, no one recognizes, no one accept any wrongdoings. They are all sin-free.

As long as no one is prosecuted and punished, as long as our nation continues to forgive the offenders and forget their anomalies, as long as no one is convicted and sent to jail, the History will just repeat itself and all these anomalies will just a mere allegations and the money that supposed to benefit the Filipino people will benefit only a few "good" men.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Kung babanggitin nang mabilis para itong isang mura, parang bad word, ika nga.
Actually, parang bad word na rin na parang hindi, ang gulo 'no?
'Yun siguro ang exact word: Magulo! Bakit ba may paksyon-paksyon pa eh, hindi ba pwede na lahat tayo ay sumangayon sa isang layunin o adhikain?
Hindi ba maaring tumango na lang tayo sa isang panukala?
Hindi ba maaring sumunod na lang tayo sa itinakdang mamuno?
Mas maiintindihan ba natin kung ang paksyon thing na ito ay manggagaling sa kabataan? Dahil sabi nga, it is a childish thing. Pero hindi, sa katunayan kung sino pa ang matatanda sila pa ang may paksyon, may pagkakawatak. Lahat na lang sila ay magaling, matalino, mahusay, maparaan at eksperto sa lahat ng bagay, pero lahat naman di-umano ay walang tumama.

Gaano pa man kaganda ang iyong layunin at ang iyong ideolohiya ay para sa ikabubuti ng mas nakararami hindi mawawala ang mga taong tutuligsa at kokondena sa iyong ideya at lubusang tatalikdan ang anumang simulain na magiging daan sana sa isang napakapagandang resulta.

Ito ba'y dahil lang sa pride o malisyang taglay ng taong dahilan ng paksyon?
Sa benepisyong tatanggapin o sa mas tama ang layunin?
Sariling ambisyon o sa kapakanan ng nakararami?
Simpleng hindi pagsang-ayon o mas progresibong kadahilanan?
Ganid o taglay na kagalingan?
Inggit o katalinuhan?
Ambisyon o katinuan?

Hindi man natin sadyain maraming tao ang may taglay na ugaling ganito.
Magmula sa paaralan, maliit na yunit ng lipunan hanggang sa mga nanunungkulan ay may namumuong paksyon.
Panahon pa ng pananakop ng mga Kastila ay may paksyon na sa pagitan ng ating mga bayani.
Pero teka...masama ba ito? Bakit sa tuwing may tutuligsa at magbubunyag sa katotohanan ay iisipin ng karamihan na ito'y walang patutunguhan? Taksil sa namumuno at 'di dapat paniwalaan?
Sa tuwing may maglalabas nang hinaing, daing, sintemyento, reklamo o suhestiyon na taliwas sa "ipinaglalaban" ng kinauukulan ay sasabihing may namumuong paksyon. Idinadamay pa natin ang mga talangka na wala namang kinalaman sa maganda sanang palitan ng kuro-kuro sa halip na bangayan at batuhan ng putik. Subalit ayaw magparaya ng isa, sarado ang paniniwala at buong yabang na pangangatawanan ang tinayuang paninidigan na hindi naman umaayon sa gusto ng nakararami.

Ipokritong ayaw imulat ang mata sa katotohanan. Nabulag ng mga pangakong sa una pa lamang ay tiyak ng mapapako. Pilit na pagtatakpan ang kabahuan imbes na linisin.
Dapat bang manahimik at itikom ang bibig upang walang mamuong paksyon?
Hahayaan na lang ba natin na manatili kung tayo'y nasaan at ipikit ang mata upang 'di makita ang karaingan?
Ang Pinoy ba ay takot sa kritiko o sadyang sakim sa pwesto at kapangyarihan?
Bumalik na lang tayo sa Batas-Militar kung bubusalan ang mga bibig ng taong may magagandang layunin.
Iba ang nakikita sa natatanaw. Iba ang naririnig sa napapakinggan. At iba ang gumagalaw sa kumikilos.

Huwag matakot sumalungat kung pansin mo na ang kamalian.
Huwag mag-atubiling tumuligsa kung garapal na ang kawalanghiyaan.
Huwag masindak sa mga taong sarili lamang ang naiitindihan.
Huwag manahimik kung nais mo nang matinong pagbabago.
Huwag manlumo sa kritikong hindi batid ang tunay mong dahilan.
Huwag tumigil sa pagsusulat nang panawagan dahil baka ito na lamang ang tangi nating sandata.
Huwag huminto sa paglaban sa kasinungalingan dahil pinanigan mo ang kasamaan kung ikaw'y sumang-ayon.
Ang pananahimik ay isang tanda ng pagsang-ayon at ang pagbatikos ay 'di rin naman nangangahulugan ng pagiging makasarili. Kung tama ang ipinaglalaban dapat lang na panigan, kung pulos kamalian at ikaw'y ang kanilang kapanalig baka nilamon ka na ng sistema o tulad ka na rin nila na nagbubulag-bulagan.

Kung humahabi man ng paksyon ang kritikong may paninindigan hindi ibig sabihin nitong nais niyang tayo'y magkawatak-watak.
Kung paksyong maituturing ang mga punang may kurot nang katotohanan hahayaan ko na lang na sa ganong paraan ninyo ito pintasan.
Mas nanaisin ko ng may paksyon at magkawatak-watak tayo na katotohanan at katarungan ang dahilan nang ipinaglalaban kaysa mayroong pagkakaisa pero may layuning mali at labis ang kasinungalingan.
Kung mali ang pagpuna at pagbatikos sa katiwalian at kalokohan, patawarin niyo ako dahil 'di ko na alam kung ano ang tama at nararapat.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Do this way, The Duterte’s Way

"The only reason there is peace and order in Davao is because of me."
- Rody Duterte

I'm not from Davao but how I wish, I was born, raised and experienced living at this province. Davaoenos are so proud and very vocal to say that their town is one of the safest places in the Philippines (if not, the most). And when we say Davao it is synonymous to the Dutertes. Dutertes, who rules Davao for more than two decades and counting. You can say that the Duterte’s way of governing their civic is rude, strict, authoritative but it is somehow magically turned effective; the crime rates are low, the people are disciplined, folks are cooperative, the leaders and officials are well respected. Many oppose the martial-law-like ruling of this town but they as well, wish that their city is like Davao; many has disagree this kind of directive but has no concrete plan and proposal to “pacify” the hard-headed Filipinos. With all the negative traits and character of most Filipinos i.e. undisciplined, willful, stubbornness, I think we need leaders like the Dutertes ~ leaders who has iron hand and a true political will.

The urban legend “Davao Death Squad” seems to be a part of this good result. ‘Though the Duterte’s strongly denies their involvement on the Death Squad they somehow tolerating and consenting them, in any manner. It is not yet proved that this squad is directly connected to the Dutertes’ but the existence of this group is no longer a question. This vigilante group, who took the law on their hands, serves “justice” before it went to proper court. The Death Squad, who likes an Angel of Death, fears by many.

It is sad to know that despite the lawlessness of this so-called death squad most people have agreed & embrace this wrongdoing. It is a desperate move from a desperate Filipinos who always seeks for changes, for progress, for discipline, for justice. Ignoring the “due process of the law” and implement their own set of law, just like during the ancient time. But what is due process if the justice doesn’t serves us right? What is due process if justice is so delayed? What is due process if a Judge serves only the wealthy and favors the rich man?

Dating back 70’s & 80’s era, Davao once tagged as a city of chaos. Murders and crimes are everywhere and people are uncontrollable but when Mayor Duterte assumes office in the late 1980’s; the once troubled Davao became a peaceful City, in fact it was dubbed as “The most peaceful city in Southeast Asia”! From then on, Duterte never lost on any election and they will continue to win not just on election but on every heart of the Davaoenos. The Davaoenos loved them as who they are; Davaoenos embrace them as what they are. While most of the Filipinos hate politicians, Davaoenos treasured and respected the Dutertes, not by forced but with all their heart.

The incident happened on July 1, 2011 involving the current Mayor of Davao, Inday Sara Duterte and the court sheriff Mr. Abe Andres wherein the Mayor throws a 4-punch combination straight to the face of Andres, significantly symbolizes the power and authority of the strong Duterte. It has a message that says: “If you’re not with me you are against me!” connotation. The attempt of the Mayor to avoid the violence between the demolition team and the informal settlers ironically turned violent and more controversial. (Assume that this is from the minds of Inday Sara) Damn, those people who says it’s wrong, damn the critics who’s only job is to criticize, damn the moralists who is morally immoral. Damn those human rights activists who never see the reasons behind the actions. The father and son Duterte defended the Mayor from the critics and in return, they gave them a Duterte (dirty) finger (what do you expect?). You can’t blame them for their acts it is natural and understable for them to defend each other because of their strong family ties. The Dutertes young and old has this reputation of being strict. You can say that they rule the town in a harsh and arrogant way but if that’s the prize we have to pay to achieve a better place, and then let it be.

If we are just talking LEADERSHIP alone, the Dutertes’ system of leadership is indeed a great job. A classic example of the saying: If there’s a will, there’s a way. Do this way, the Duterte’s way.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ang pulitika ay hindi negosyong itinatag para sa pamilya at lalong hindi ito isang kaharian (monarkiya) na maaaring ilipat ang taglay na kapangyarihan sa malapit na kapamilya kung ikaw’y matanda na, pagod na o sa sandaling gusto mo munang magpahinga subalit hindi naman ito ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas. Bawat lalawigan sa kapuluan ng Luzon, Visayaz at Mindanao at kahit sa Kamaynilaan ay tila pagmamay-ari na ng iilang angkan lamang.

May batas na nagbabawal sa Political Dynasty sa ating bansa (1987 Constitution, Article 2 Section 6) pero balewala lang ito dahil ang ating mga mambabatas mismo ang lumalabag dito. Kunsabagay, may bago pa dito? Synonymous na nga sa isang probinsya ang apelyido ng mga pulitikong ito sa tagal nang kanilang panunungkulan, sa katunayan at sa katagalan nga ay pinapalitan na ng kanilang pangalan (apelyido) ang kanila mismong pinaglilingkurang bayan o probinsiya. Dahil siguro ito sa legasiyang kanilang naiwan, sa sobrang pagmamahal ng kanyang kababayan o sa husay ng kanilang serbisyo sa bayan.

Nakakatawang malaman na marami ang tumutuligsa at nais buwagin ang dinastiyang itinataguyod ng mga makakapangyarihang mga angkang ito subalit kabaligtaran naman ito sa nais nilang mangyari dahil hindi sila natatalo sa anumang halalan at lalo silang dumarami na ultimo Kapitan o Kagawad ng isang maliit na Baranggay ay kanila na ring kaanak at kapanalig. Isipin mo; ang isang bayan ay pinamumunuan ng iisa o dalawang angkan lang magmula alkalde, bise-alkalde, kinatawan ng distrito, gobernador, bise-gobernador, bokal, konsehal at iba pa bukod pa dito ang hindi halal ng bayan na nanunungkulan o nabigyan ng posisyon sa iba’t-ibang ahensiya na itinalaga ng kanilang kamag-anak na may otoridad na magtalaga sa kanila. Sino na lang ang maglalakas-loob na kumalaban sa kanila kung sakaling mayroong anomalya o katiwalian?

Kung tutuusin mo hindi naman sana ganoon kasama ito lalo’t kung ang serbisyo nila sa mga tao ay tapat, ang kapakanan ng bayan ang iniisip, ang pondo’y winawaldas este ginugugol sa pagpapaunlad ng nasasakupan. Subalit ikaw ba’y naniniwala dito? Sa liit ng sahod ng nasa posisyon sa gobyerno bakit marami ang kumakandidato? Kung sila’y nahalal at nasa posisyon na; bakit ang bilis ng asenso ng kani-kanilang negosyo? Nakakalungkot na napakalaking porsyento ng Pilipino ay naniniwalang pondo lang ng bayan ang habol ng mga angkang ito. At huwag na rin tayong magtaka kung bakit may pinapaslang na mamamahayag na nagsiwalat ng kalokohan ng isang opisyal, may mga kandidatong oposisyong inuutas para siguraduhin ang panalo sa eleksyon. Gagawin ang lahat para lamang mapanatili ang trono ng kanilang angkan.

Ayon sa pag-aaral, nakakalulang humigit-kumulang pitumpu't-limang porsyento ng nanunungkulan o nakapwesto sa isang bayan/lalawigan ay magkakamag-anak. Dominasyong nananatili mula noon hanggang ngayon. Ang ating demokrasya ay "gobyerno ng mga tao para sa tao" pero iilan lang yata ang nakikinabang sa gobyernong ito at kung sila'y tatanungin mariin nilang itatanggi na mayroong umiiral na Dinastiyang Pulitikal sa kanilang lugar. Ang manaig si David sa digmaang David at Goliath sa daigdig ng pulitika ay tila hindi aplikable sa ating bansa dahil sa sandaling sinagupa mo ang mga Goliath na ito ay para mo na ring ibinunggo ang iyong sarili sa napakatatag na kongkretong pader na adobe.

Hindi na rin lingid sa'tin na karamihan sa mga taong nasa likod ng dinastiyang ito ay may taglay na 3G. Guns, Goons & Gold.
Guns ~ Mga armas na handang itutok at iputok sa sinumang magtatangkang kumalaban at hindi umayon sa kagustuhan ng nanunungkulan. Mga armas na mas sopistikado pa kaysa sa hawak na armas ng ating sandatahang lakas.
Goons ~ Mas kilala sa tawag na Private Armies. Mga taga-sunod ng pultiko na parang mga asong handang tupdin ang anumang ipag-uutos ng kanilang amo. Mga taong tila inalisan ng sanidad at handang mamatay at pumatay mali man o tama ang rason.
Gold ~ Karangyaan. Pantapal, panuhol at pantakip-butas sa lahat ng anomalya, kabuktutan, kalokohan at kasamaang ginawa ng isang pulitiko. Lubhang makapangyarihan ito dahil 'pag ito na ang nagsalita, halos lahat ay nakikinig.
May kampanya na noong buwagin ang mga private armies ng mga pultiko pero tila nabahag na rin yata ang buntot ng mga taong nais lamang naman ay kapayapaan tuwing halalan at katiwasayan sa bayan.

Sa kabilang banda, may mga bayan o lalawigan din naman na pinamumunuan ng angkang mayroon pang natitirang katinuan at may katiwasayan sa kanyang lalawigan kahit alam natin na may dinastiya ay may nakikita namang bahagyang progreso at ang disiplina’y mahigpit na ipinapatupad pero mabibilang mo lang ito sa ating mga daliri! Mayroong mga tsumatsamba at nahahalal na may matuwid na plataporma ngunit isa o dalawang termino lang ang itinatagal at balik na ulit sa pwesto ang mga higante sa mundo ng dinastiyang pulitikal. Ano ba talaga ang mayroon sila at hindi sila mabuwag-buwag? Gusto natin ng pagbabago pero ibinoboto naman sila. Silang mga (B)Milyonaryo ang estado sa buhay pero ang kanilang nasasakupan ay kabilang sa isa sa pinakamahihirap na lalawigan sa Pilipinas.
Sayang at hindi nabibigyan ng pagkakataon ang iba na makapaglingkod ng matino.
Sayang at hindi nila maisasakatuparan ang maganda nilang adhikain.
Sayang at tumatanda ring kasama nila ang kanilang mga komprehensibong plataporma at ideolohiya.
Sayang at tila nauupos na kandila ang pag-asa ng tunay na mahihirap na namumuhay ng animo'y alipin sa sariling bayan. Ayaw man nila ito o ginusto.
Sayang at hindi nabigyan ng pagkakataon ang iba na makinabang sa pondo ng bayan.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Dalawa lang naman ang panahon sa Pilipinas.
Tag-araw at Tag-ulan. Pero bakit marami pa rin ang nagugulat at natataranta sa tuwing bumubuhos ang ulan?! Hindi ba tayong pwedeng kumalma lang at tumabi sa bangketa habang binubuksan ang baong payong? Bakit sa tuwing umuulan na lang ay para tayong mga langgam na nagpupulasan at kanya-kanyang diskarte kung paano maiiwasan ang mga patak nito? Kahit alam naman natin na sa tuwing sasapit ang mga buwan ng Hunyo at Hulyo ay siguradong uulan; 'wag na lang nating hulaan kung ano ang eksaktong araw ~ trabaho na ng PAG-ASA 'yan. Kung ulan lang naman ang ikinagugulat natin bakit 'di na lang magdala ng payong? Mahirap ba magdala nito o nahihiya ka at ayaw mong masira ang porma mo?
Hindi lang naman ulan ang ikinakainis ng marami sa atin kundi ang mga nakakabadtrip na dulot nito; ang baha, matinding trapik, kahirapang makasakay, nakakapagod, matagal makauwi at mababasa ang damit at gamit dahil walang panangga sa ulan.Matagal nang problema ang baha sa tuwing umuulan at kahit na sino pang henyo ang umupo sa ahensiya ng MMDA at sa Department of Public Works and Highways tila hindi ito masosolusyunan. Korapsyon at kawalang-disiplina ang ugat nito.
Korapsyon sa mga humahawak ng nakakalulang pondo para sa pagsugpo at pagsawata ng baha. Kawalang disiplina naman sa mga mamamayang walang pakundangan magtapon ng basura sa kung saan-saan, maliit man yan o malaki. At huwag na rin nating sisihin ang PAG-ASA sa salungat na impormasyon nila sa aktwal na lagay ng panahon, ikaw ba naman ang mayroong lumang kagamitan at equipment malamang ay mamali ka rin ng pahayag. Kaya ba sila tinawag na weather forecaster dahil hinuhulaan lang nila ang taya ng panahon?

Kung ayaw naman nating ugatin ang problema ng baha. Manisi na lang tayo tutal mahilig naman tayo manisi at magturo sa kung kanino at painosenteng sasabihing wala siyang sala. Isisi natin ang baha sa La Niña o kaya sa global warming dahil sa pabago-bagong panahon ng hindi tayo inaabisuhan. Sisihin na rin natin ang illegal loggers dahil sa walang habas na pagpuputol ng mga puno sa kagubatan. Idamay na rin natin ang pagawaan at pabrika ng mga plastik; dahil malaking porsyento ng bara sa kanal ay plastik. Maaari naman palang makagawa ng plastic na biodegradable bakit hindi na lang 'yun ang ginawa noon pa? At bakit 'di na lang gawing biodegradable lahat ng plastic bag na gagawin pa lang? Idagdag na rin natin dito ang mga opisyales na nagpagawa ng maliliit na drainage system natin dahil hindi nila naisip na lalago ang populasyon ng Pilipinas at dadami rin kasabay nito ang mga basura.

Mabuti pa ang mga batang lumalangoy, naghaharutan at nagtatampisaw sa baha. Masayang naglalaro sa gitna ng ulan at hindi alintana ang sakit na maaaring idulot ng bahang kanilang nilalanguyan. Subalit kung pagmamasdan mo sila mapapansin mong napakasimple lang ng buhay hindi sila nag-aalala sa perwisyong hatid ng baha taliwas sa mga taong nais na makauwi, mga papasok sa opisina at trabaho at mga mag-aaral na 'di sinuspindi ang klase. Wala silang pakialam na naglilibang at winawaksi ang negatibong dulot ng ulan. Kung kaya lang sana nating gayahin at isaisip ang ganitong mentalidad ng mga bata disin sana'y walang mababad-trip kahit bagyo pa man ang dumating sa atin.

Matagal na problema na ang urong-sulong na pagdesisyon sa pagsususpindi sa klase ng mga mag-aaral, madalas nakapasok na ang mga estudyante saka pa lamang sasabihin na walang klase! Pero hindi pa rin ito masolusyunan. Paurong ba talaga tayo?
Ganoon na din katagal ang panukala na ilipat ang pasukan ng mga mag-aaral sa buwan ng Setyembre (panahon pa ito ni Marcos) upang maiwasan ang abala sa kanilang pag-aaral. At ngayon muli itong binubuhay sa Senado sa pamamagitan ng Senate Bill 2407 ni Sen. Drilon layon nitong ilipat sa Setyembre ang pagbubukas ng klase sa halip na Hunyo upang makaiwas ang estudyante sa matinding baha at ulan. Ngunit marami ang tumututol at sumalungat sa panukalang ito noon pa man dahil panahon daw ito ng bakasyon kung saan masarap ang magliwaliw at magswimming sa kung saan-saang resort.
Sige hayaan na lang natin na Hunyo hanggang Marso ang pasukan at ang mga buwang maiinit at masarap mag-swimming na Abril at Mayo ang bakasyon.
Pabayaan na lang nating lumusong at lumangoy sa baha ang mga mag-aaral na animo'y mga kaawa-awang mga basang sisiw pauwi sa kani-kanilang mga bahay.
Hayaan na lang nating mag-klase ang mga estudyante sa kasagsagan ng ulan na nakababad ang paa sa baha habang tumutulo ang maingay na patak ng ulan.
Hayaan na rin nating magsuspindi nang magsuspindi ng klase sa tuwing may bagyo at malakas ang ulan dahil mas prayoridad ng mga kritiko at magagaling ang bonding time sa paglalakwatsa kaysa ang quality time sa loob ng silid-aralan.
Mababa na nga ang kalidad ng pag-aaral sa Pilipinas nababawasan pa ang bilang ng mga araw ng kanilang pag-aaral dahil sa panahon ng Tag-ulan.
Tutal pareho naman palang importante ang SWIMMING at pag-aaral, eh di pagsabayin na lang natin.