Friday, May 14, 2010


i was so blind that i didn't see it coming
i was so numb that i didn't feel anything
i was so deaf that i didn't hear you crying
i was so mute that i didn't stop you when you leave
i was so reckless that i didn't know i hurt you
i was so arrogant that i didn't know i have shouted
i was so prideful that i didn't ask you to stay

i was so wrong
i was so wrong
now that i'm alone
i don't know what to do
i don't know where to go
can sorry be enough?
for all the hurt i gave you
i know it's too late
to give up my pride
but i still want you to know
that i feel sorry for everything i've done
so damn that i've lost you
i am now trapped in sorrow

forgive me or is it beyond forgiveness...

the world i live in

while everybody is clamoring for a total change in our society
while most of us is desperately seeking for a great leader
while some people praying for a miracle
while the lives of some are now depends on the government
while the less fortunate now showing smiles on their faces
while the tearful eyes of the hopeless are on the wane
while we imagine the future in the hands of a new hope
while we ready to taste the sweetness of renewed politics
while we opened the doors for absolute change
while we see high expectations in the masses' eyes
while the trust and confidence has risen from the grave
while we savor the success of democracy
while most of us now is in cloud nine & high heavens
while the echo of promises still lingers in our ears
while we welcomed the hopes of a new mornings
while we leave the grief and the mourn behind
while the new government leads and takes over
while the conflict of politics is now subsiding
while reconciliation is being extend to everyone
while the progress of our country is now awaiting
while the promised heavens is yet to be hold
while some have learned to move on despite losing
while we bid goodbye to old regimen
while the corrupt practices vow to become history

here i am wondering, living, working
in what you consider the prime source of corruption & smuggling
not the p.n.p., not the b.i.r. but its her twin sister the b.o.c.
kept thinking how to curb the corruption
kept wondering how to suppress dishonesty
how will it happen?
how can it be done?
how can you tame the beast in the wild?
how can you cure a terminal disease?
16 long years and i have coped to live with it
in the system where the survival of the fittest is the rule
in the world where dog eat dog is a must
i can not define what's life within here 'til you get in
i can not tell if there's still beauty left here 'til you see their ugliness

four presidents, ten commissioners
nothing happened, nothing changed
nothing will happen, nothing will change
different faces, different personalities
the same strategies, one objective
'though the fight against corruption is the platform of the new leader
i will everyday jump for joy if this will ever happen
not in this place, not in this bureau
the way of life in the world i live in is just eternal as the sun
as long as the lion hunts his prey
or the word corruption is in the dictionary
this will evolve, this will exist

my country is listed among the top's most corrupt
and it's not new to anyone in any nation
but to see it in your every day is different one
most of the time i can not understand them
'though you are giving them grease
they still want more 'til you bleed
they're not beggars but they always begging
they're not vagrant but they always wandering
its not christmas its not their birthday
but they longing for presents especially on fridays
whether we pay less whether we pay more
it doesn't really matter 'coz lion's share is their mindset
like a vulture waiting for the weak
like an alligator waiting to be fed
if by chance you meet and talk with some of them
holier than thou is what your impression
the faces you see on their mirror is different from their reflection
if you have money they call you friend
but if you don't have you're like their enemy or foe

this is my way of life
this is the world i live in
where the weak will be the prey
where the heartless will survive

everyday i do and see wrong
'coz i deal with bureau of customs
do i have any choice?
this is the world i live in

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

death for sale

"smokers never grow old, because they die younger"

i really like to write a blog about cigarettes and discuss how dangerous & harmful it is to our body & of course to our society. i know this is an interesting topic to talk & to enlighten some people who still wants to smell the aroma of the cigarette. It is said & estimated that every minute about 7 people die to tobacco use so if you want to die young and be in statistics just keep on smoking.

cancer -ang mga yosi boy/girl ay may malaking panganib na magkaroon ng iba't-ibang uri ng cancer. ang chemical na tinatawag na Carcinogen na nasa tobacco ay nagdudulot ng cancer sa (1) baga, (2) bibig, (3) lalamunan at (4) gullet (eto ung tube na nagtutulak ng pagkain papunta sa sikmura). Alam mo ba na 90% ng may lung cancer ay dahil sa pagyoyosi? bukod sa apat na nabanggit na cancer may bonus pa na ibang uri ng cancer ang pwedeng magkaroon ka: bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer at esophagus cancer. sa mga babae naman bukod sa nabanggit, may possibility rin na magkaroon ng cervical cancer.

cardiovascular disease - ito ung sakit sa puso mismo, sa ugat nito o mga blood vessel o arteries na nakakonekta dito. madalas ito ung nagiging sanhi ng kamatayan ng mga adik sa yosi. ang nicotine
na nasa tobacco ay nagdadagdag ng cholesterol level sa dugo. at ang cholesterol at fats ay naiipon sa arteries, na nagiging sanhi ng pagtigas nito. syempre, kapag naipon at tumigas ang cholesterol at fats ito ay nagiging makitid, masikip at barado para daluyan ng dugo. nagreresulta itop ng blood clots, at dito naguumpisa ang cardiovascular disease na may iba't-ibang uri. kaya ang ending: stroke.

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -sa simpleng lenggwahe natin ito ay kahirapan sa paghinga dahil sa may kung anong nakabara sa baga. ang dalawang health problems nito ay: (1) emphysema at (2) chronic bronchitis. emphysema ito ay kakapusan ng pagihnga dahil sa damage na tinatawag na alveoli (air sacs), nangyayari ito dahil ang function ng baga ay humihina. Chronic bronchitis ito ay madalas na pag-ubo na may kasamang mucus (eeeww). 80% daw ng ng may COPD ay dahil sa sobrang yosi. ang pagyoyosi ay nakakapagpahina ng tatlong beses ng function ng ating baga.

iba pang conditions dahil sa yosi hindi man matuturing na sakit ang iba pero nakakaapekto pa rin sa hygiene

* damage the lining of blood vessels
* Smoking affects your oral health. It can stain your teeth and gums. Smoking can give rise to various health problems of gums and teeth, such as swollen gums, loose teeth and bad breath.
* Smoking causes acid taste in the mouth.
* Smoking can give rise to various sexual problems. Couples addicted to smoking are likely to face fertility problems.
* Smoking increases the risk of high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for stroke and heart attacks.
* Smoking worsens asthma by increasing the inflammation of airways.
* Smoking can cause early aging. Due to smoking, the blood supply to the skin is reduced. There is decrease in the levels of vitamin A. Hence, smokers have paler skin and more wrinkles.
* Heavy smoking causes macular degeneration, which results in gradual loss of eyesight. Smokers are at a higher risk for cataract.
* Some other conditions caused by smoking are chest infections, diabetic retinopathy, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease.

(talaga palang death for sale ang yosi at sadyang madami ang komplikasyon at sakit na nabigigay ng bisyo na to!!! kaya kung hindi ka man nagyoyosi, paki-sabi sa kakilala mo na itigil nya na ang pagyu-yosi hangga't may oras pa sya)

alam mo ba na sa halos 94M na population ng pilipinas eh 17M dito ang nagyoyosi? ang ibig sabihin nito ay 18% ng pilipino ay adik sa yosi! na sa bawat 5 tao ay mayroong 1 dito ang nagyoyosi. 14.6M dito ay lalaki at ang natitirang 2.8M ay babae at ang average na sigarilyo nila per day ay: 11-12 sa lalaki at 7 naman sa babae. sa isang buwan ay gumagastos sila ng P326.40 para sa yosi na kung naibili sana ng bigas ay marami pa ang napakain.
4 sa 10 top diseases na sanhi ng kamatayan ng mga pinoy ay cause ng yosi: pneumonia, obstructive lung disease (emphysema), tubercolosis at lung cancer. hindi na naisama ang heart disease na pwede ring dahil sa yosi. ang nakakalungkot walang programa ang gobyerno para sa health agendang ito.
sa 5M na namamatay every year sa earth nang dahil sa yosi 1.3M dito ay may kinalaman sa lung cancer.

Nicotine is the most addictive substance in tobacco. na kapag nalanghap at naamoy mo ang kakaibang bango nito ay parang hahanap-hanapin ng katawan mo. kaya huwag mo ng subukan at baka ma-hook ka din sa mapang-akit na aroma nito.

REASONS FOR SMOKING (walang kakwenta-kwentang reasons)

1. Smoking Is A Lifestyle Coping Tool (parang basic needs na hinahanap)

For many people, smoking is a reliable lifestyle coping tool. Although every person's specific reasons to smoke are unique, they all share a common theme. Smoking is used as a way to suppress uncomfortable feelings, and smoking is used to alleviate stress, calm nerves, and relax. No wonder that when you are deprived of smoking, your mind and body are unsettled for a little while.

Below is a list of some positive intentions often associated with smoking. Knowing why you smoke is one of the first steps towards quitting. Check any and all that apply to you.

___ Coping with anger, stress, anxiety, tiredness, or sadness
___ Smoking is pleasant and relaxing
___ Smoking is stimulating
___ Acceptance - being part of a group
___ As a way to socialize
___ Provides support when things go wrong
___ A way to look confident and in control
___ Keeps weight down
___ Rebellion - defining self as different or unique from a group
___ A reminder to breathe
___ Something to do with your mouth and hands
___ Shutting out stimuli from the outside world
___ Shutting out emotions from the inside world
___ Something to do just for you and nobody else
___ A way to shift gears or changes states
___ An way to feel confident
___ A way to shut off distressing feelings
___ A way to deal with stress or anxiety
___ A way to get attention
___ Marking the beginning or the end of something

2. Smoking Tranquilizer (pampakalma)

The habit of cigarette smoking is often used to tranquilize emotional issues like anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem. In addition, smoking provides comfort to people with conditions of chronic pain and depression. Smokers with emotional stress or chronic pain often turn to smoking as an attempt to treat their pain. For instance, they may use it to reduce anxiety, provide a sense of calmness and energy, and elevate their mood.

Some evidence does suggest that nicotine has some pain-relief benefits. Nicotine releases brain chemicals which soothe pain, heighten positive emotions, and creating a sense of reward. However, any benefit from smoking only eases the pain for a few minutes. Cigarettes contain many other chemicals shown to worsen healing ability of bone, tooth, and cartilage.

The mental association between smoking and pain relief can make quitting quite difficult, as can the increased short-term discomfort that quitting smoking adds to a person already suffering with chronic pain, depression, or emotional distress. What are effective ways for people with chronic pain - whether physical or emotional - to make the decision to quit smoking? First, evidence shows that in people who suffer chronic pain, smokers have more pain than nonsmokers do. Also, accept that smoking cessation may indeed make you feel worse in the short run, but may be key to regaining enough vitality to live fully with pain.

3. The Feel Good Syndrome (pamporma, feel good, feel cool di-umano)

Smoking is a way to avoid feeling unpleasant emotions such as sadness, grief, and anxiety. It can hide apprehensions, fears, and pain. This is accomplished partly through the chemical effects of nicotine on the brain.

When smoking, the release of brain chemicals makes smokers feel like they are coping and dealing with life and stressful emotional situations. Nicotine brings up a level of good feelings. Cigarette smokers are aware when nicotine levels and good feelings begin to decrease, and light up quickly enough to stay in their personal comfort zone. However, they may not realize that avoiding their feelings is not the same as taking positive steps to create a life of greater potential and meaning.

ayon sa study, people suffering from nicotine withdrawal have increased aggression, anxiety, hostility, and anger. However, perhaps these emotional responses are due not to withdrawal, but due to an increased awareness of unresolved emotions. If smoking dulls emotions, logically quitting smoking allows awareness of those emotions to bubble up to the surface. If emotional issues aren't resolved, a smoker may feel overwhelmed and eventually turn back to cigarettes to deal with the uncomfortable feelings.

4. Smoking Makes You Feel Calm and Alive (pampagising naman)

Smokers often say that lighting up a cigarette can calm their nerves, satisfy their cravings, and help them feel energized. Indeed, nicotine in tobacco joins on to receptors in your brain that release "feel good" chemicals that can make you feel calm and energized all at once. Smoking acts as a drug, inducing a feeling of well-being with each puff. But, it's a phony sense of well-being that never produces a permanent satisfying or fulfilling result. Smoking lures you into believing that you can escape some underlying truth or reality. However, smoking doesn't allow you to actually transform your day-to-day life and live connected to your deeper hopes and dreams.

Instead, when you smoke, the carbon monoxide in the smoke bonds to your red blood cells, taking up the spaces where oxygen needs to bond. This makes you less able to take in the deep, oxygen-filled breath needed to bring you life, to active new energy, to allow health and healing, and bring creative insight into your problems and issues.

5. You Are In The Midst Of Transition (hinahanap-hanap)

If you previously quit smoking, and then resumed the habit once again, consider the idea that perhaps you are in the midst of some "growing pains." Perhaps you were feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of your life and contemplating making change. However, developing spiritually, emotionally, and physically brings with it the experience of discomfort. Old beliefs rise up, creating sensations of hurt, pain, sadness, anxiety, and uneasiness. You were feeling dissatisfied, restless, ready to change, but then felt the fear that change often ignites.

taxes, revenue from manufacturer is the main reason why smoking is legal in almost all of the countries worldwide. pero mas maraming bilang ng mga pilipino ang nagkakasakit dahil sa yosi ang isa sa dahilan nito ay ang napakababang presyo ng yosi dito sa atin.

Ang pagmi-maintain ng gamot para sa isang taong may sakit na may kaugnayan sa yosi ay hindi biro, nag-a-average ito ng 2k hanggang 3k sa isang linggo hindi pa kasali dito ang check-up, foods & vitamins. ang average na yosi dito sa pinas ay P40-P60 ang isang kaha (20pcs) against sa US o European countries na ang yosi ay nagkakahalaga ng P250-PP350 at P500-P600, respectively. sa hirap ng buhay dito sa pilipinas at sa statistics na lumalabas ay mas maraming pilipino (mahirap man o mayaman) pa rin ang nagyuyosi na ang iba nga ay kasama na sa basic needs nila ang sigarilyo kasama ng tubig, tirahan at pagkain.

Cigarette smoking is a personal choice. However, if you are considering stopping smoking, you may already realize that quitting requires more than willpower or scaring yourself with statistics of why smoking is bad.

Conventional smoking cessation systems often don't work in the long term because they do not address the real reasons that people smoke. Listed below are five often unidentified reasons that people smoke. These reasons might surprise you.

Before you engage in your stop smoking process, take some time and identify the important underlying motivations of why you choose to smoke. By understanding those real reasons, you can generate a personalized stop smoking plan that incorporates new strategies of coping and dealing with life.

Smoking provides an escape from those uncomfortable feelings. However, smoking also brings an abrupt halt to personal transformation and the evolution of self. Although painful, these feelings are necessary in your personal development. Learning to accept feelings in a new way can help lead you out of disempowering or limiting beliefs, and into a life filled with greater happiness, satisfaction, contentment, or purpose. When you stop smoking and start breathing - conscious, deep, smoke-free, oxygen-filled breaths - your evolution will start up once again.

Why Do You Smoke?
If you smoke, then you do so because the act of smoking is personally meaningful to you. Therefore, if you are considering quitting, take some time and explore the reasons underlying your decision to smoke. Become interested, observe yourself, and get curious. Allow yourself an opportunity to turn into a smoking journalist, ready to uncover an intriguing mystery. Before lighting up your next cigarette, ask yourself:

a. What positive functions do I believe smoking provides me?
b. How will smoking help or change the situation?
c. What situations make me smoke the most?
d. What emotions or feelings am I trying to avoid or deny?
e. If I didn't smoke right now, what would I feel? How would I handle that feeling?
f. What would I do with the energy that is freed up from smoking cessation?

The most important factor in stopping smoking is a genuine desire to stop smoking. You were not a born smoker; it's something you learned to do. Learning new ways of coping with stress is possible, as is learning new ways to relax and raise confidence levels. Use the reasons presented above as clues to uncover the underlying reasons why you smoke. Then, in addition to making a firm decision to stop smoking, also make a firm plan to address your underlying needs. You're not only kicking the habit, you're also creating a new balance with your body, mind, and self!

Ayon sa pagaaral hindi madali ang pagku-quit sa yosi parang napakalaki ng sakripisyo na gagawin ng isang tao sa isang maliit na bagay na 'to. Nakakapagtaka rin na alam ng bawat tao na hindi maganda sa kalusugan ang yosi pero marami pa ring doktor at health worker ang nagyu-yosi...ganyan ka-addictive ang gayuma ng sigarilyo. Subalit dapat na talagang itigil na ito hangga't may oras pa, isipin ang perang nasasayang, ang pamilya at ang kalusugan mo mismo. Sa bawat isang sigarilyong hinihitit ay tatlong minuto ang nasasayang sa buhay . Hindi naman sa ako'y nagmamalinis pero ang mga nakasulat sa itaas ay mga facts na naipublish sa iba't-ibang website at pahayagan. Walang ibang makakapagkumbinsi sa sarili natin na tumigil na sa bisyong ito kundi ang sarili rin natin. It is just mind over matter.