Thursday, April 29, 2010

one journey

as we rest and close our eyes this evening,
there's a chance that we can not able to see the smile of the morning
as we step and move our feet away from our houses,
there's a possibility that we can not able to hear again our loved ones' voices

no matter how great things could be, no matter how worst your life is
no matter how noble you are, or how sinful the man is
the journey must reach its destiny, the story will brings us to an end
and this end can never be known unless you're a fool to willfully end it

no prophet can predict our end
no science can know our future and tomorrow
maybe you're like me, not brave enough to peek the glimpse of what should be
but destiny will not ask us if we're ready or not
time will not care if we repented or not

are we ready to face our sins?
are we ready to face our creator?
aren't we ashamed to face the almighty?
or beg for one more day to atone and regret our shortcomings

are the masses we attended are enough to enable us to enter the gates of heaven?
or the sins we committed are just enough to burn our souls into devil's haven?
are the prayers we utter are enough to save our souls?
or the curse of our bad mouth can bring us to a place with boiling coal

is being a philanthropist knows the door for an everlasting life?
or the religion we belonged can save us from eternal flame?
do we proudly served our life in religious ways?
or we just shame to say that we wasted it 'coz we doesn't care?

do all our questions be answered when we're gone?
or all of our memories be erased when we're there?
do the people who cried for our antics can be counted as our sins?
or the people who we made smile be counted as a good deed?

can we still remember the faces of our loved ones who past?
or the memories in our mind just couldn't last
can they still recall us when they see us in another life?
or nobody has a vivid recollection of what happened when we die

if the problems are burden while we are living
are they blessings on the other life in case we're now leaving?
if we learned to struggle the sufferings on earth
are they rewards to achieved and received on our rebirth?

do meaningful life same as a meaningful death?
do blind and the blunder can now have a vision when they die?
do the deaf and mute person are now able to hear & speak?
and the maimed and crippled men can now proudly walk & stand?

do the clergies, pastors and good samaritan has a key to salvation?
do the robbers, murderers and grafter certainly be drown in the lake of fire?
do all the sufferings here in earth end when we demise?
or it is just the start of something we don't ever wish

did you ever know that even if we can bring back the past and the yesterdays...
surely we still commit the same sins, the same mistakes in some other way
'coz we are a born sinner from then 'til the last breath of our lives
'though ironically we know we're all accountable to the things we've done when judgment arrives

it is here, it will happen, it may be sooner or it may be now
all of us are clueless to when we will take our last bow
how can we be ready if we lost our mind and lost our soul
we know now where we are but we don't know where to go...

Friday, April 16, 2010

just like a bubble

in our life...
there were so many things come and then go
things we can not bring back to be slow
there were so many things you can see for a while
then suddenly you don't know it's far away a thousand mile
there were time we used to be wasted
time we let to be passed and just neglected
there were opportunity we didn't know slipped in our hands
we just sigh & feel sorry 'coz our fate were simply unplanned

there were chances we used to ignore
'coz we're afraid to face any kind of sore
chances that could be a key to a good life's destiny
were not brave enough to struggle the misery
there were important things needed to be said
but sadly it became worthless when you told
there were things necessary to be done
but woefully it become useless when it shown
there were many things we think has a sense
but it became nonsense when you express
there were questions longing for a respond
but until now we're waiting beforehand & beyond

in this life...
not all that we wishes may be granted
not all of our questions can be answered
not all of our thinking is correct
and not all things are created perfect
the time we have right now
is just a memory for tomorrow

we may have all the riches in the world
and we can buy anything that we know
we can be at any places we wish to go
but we shouldn't be ashamed to whisper: i care & i love you
to our loved one who stand with us 'though our lives is full of grief & sorrow
'coz one day we will all be gone...just like a bubble