Thursday, October 17, 2013

Message Sent 2/5: Thanks

Dear Geoff,

Thank you for letting into my life.
Thank you for your lending ears who is more than willing to listen to every words that I say.
Thank you for the time you spent with me during the estranged moments.

I may have failed on some but I gained you, I gained you as my friend. An awkward situation brought us into this, whichever way I don't even care 'coz I care more for our friendship to lasts longer. 
It's a big question for me that we are hiding our friendship.

Are we that on a forbidden friendship or malicious thoughts are winning against us?
Are we that bad to conceal our friendship or are we just protecting each other?
Actually, I don't even know, all I know is I am very grateful that I have you here with me.

I'd like to break the wall that is dividing us but I don't have that enough strength to do it, all I can do is to stare at you on the other side of this damned wall.
I'd like to unchained myself and let go of my willingness to be with you but it is not the way it should be.
You know, I'd always like to share my time with you and turn every second into special moments but we both know it won't happen. Not now, not on this lifetime.

Ah, I should be contented with what the Heaven's blessings gave us. I should feel glee with what I have. And I will just accept and do it.

Much has been said and I don't have to burn bridges that is already collapsing, all I want right now is to find peace in our innermost hearts.

Much has been said and I don't want to rub a salt on an aching wound, all I want right now is to reach out hands of reconciliation.

Much has been said and I don't want to add any insult to the injury that is getting worse, all I want right now is for us to have sweet memories and unending happiness.

Is it beyond forgiveness that our heart has been longing or the trust that have lost and missing?
I have done my part and I offer kindness to complete the missing piece of a puzzle but destiny won't allow me to do so.

We just let it be. 
We will just embrace with what tomorrow would bring and the only thing we can do is to stare blankly. Clueless, speechless, strength-less.

I never thought that you are so kind that you are treating me nice with all your heart and I really appreciate it.
I am amazed that you are a good person and how I wish I should have known you earlier.

Yes, I am stunned by your sweet thoughts but the more stunning is your great personality and positive outlook towards every single thing.

For now, I will just enjoy the time that you are sharing with me, I will just smile for every words that you will say, laugh for every joke you deliver and I will just savor the opportunity of being with you.

Take care, always.


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