Wednesday, September 26, 2012


And the length of the night compensates the length of the day.
Should we envy the universe as they have this kind of phenomenon? That for some point in time the night and day are equal and almost the same unlike the lives of the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, the powerful in the society and the vagabonds on the streets, the abundance on luxuries and the hungry for every moment for them to be equal - not this time, not on this life.

When is the time that justice favors nothing but the oppressed?
When is the moment that nobody will look for food in the mountain of trash?
When is the time that money will not be a hindrance to finish the education?
When is the moment that everyone has an equal opportunity to become happy?
When is the time that no one will end his life because of nothing to eat?
When is it?

Even for a while, we experience that some time in our lives we are all equal.
Even for a day, we taste the goodness that the unjust world life has to give.
Even for a moment, we know how to live in quiet and peaceful way.
Even for a glimpse, we feel that we don't need to take advantage on the weakness of others.
Even for sometime, we know how to value life than anything else.
Even for a while.

Equinox. I wish that we also have this same kind of phenomenon that the meaning of the word is the equality for all human being; whoever he is, whatever he is.

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