Monday, December 26, 2011


December 25, 2011
Philippine Orthopedic Center, Q.C.
4:22 P.M.

When I wake up to welcome this holy morn
To observe the day when Lord Jesus was born
I know this day would be better than good
Waited so long for this day to come
Like a sun in the dawn
And the moon as she shines

Twenty-fifth of December
The destiny played with me
'Though the anger wasn't around
The glee of the day slowly burnt down
Feels like a puppet, slave by his master

It ain't the end of the world
But it's almost the end of the day
I invited patience to let in
To ease the negative that is staring

To calm the pessimism that is now smirking
The uninvited is here to collide
And temper mustn't subside

Damn the crazy thoughts on crazy mind
While thanking God on His Natal Day

While wishing this day wasn't Christmas

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