Monday, December 12, 2011

My plea, plead and pledge for changes

I did not support P-Noy when he runs for presidency
But it doesn't mean I will not support him on his advocacy against corruption
I did not campaign for him either on our last election
But It doesn't mean I am against him on his campaign on better changes.

To show that I am ready for a better change for a better Philippines
I plea for every Filipino to cooperate 'though I know it's a near impossible task.
I plead each and everyone to be vigilant and criticize constructively, while
I pledge to support our government on my own little way.

I pledge to remove my "wangwang" on my vehicle (i already did).
I pledge to remove my "unwanted" stickers on my vehicle (i already did).
I pledge not to beat any red light just to take advantage on the streets (i always did).
I pledge not to drive a car that is covered by number coding (i always did).
I pledge not to throw any trash outside of my vehicle.

As we always hear and say: "The change should start within us".
Damn to those who refuse to change. Stubborn.
Damn to those who never want changes. Hopeless.
Damn to those don't want changes. Stupid.

Let us unite for better changes, better Philippines.
Even if others are not.
Even if others will not.
Even if others can not.

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  1. 2 thumbs up!
    I pledge to do the best I can, to be a productive Filipino.