Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a politician's tale

what's the wonder of you?
why do you corrupt the mind of the mankind?
are you created just to make people greed?
or existed only to make them slaves?
i don't know how many people suffered just to achieve the glory of you
and sometimes you're cause of a death, it is sad but it is true
some give their faithfulness and offered selfish-less services
but it all doesn't matter because sooner he will be eaten by the system
the people you victimize became so mentally strange
they became insane and always hungry for your power
'coz there's no sense left in their mind and thinking
their life becomes so unruly and miserable
likewise to his countrymen and his government that is disable

promises. there were tons of promises
"i can make you rich and we shall win against the poverty"
the common words they would say when they are under your spell
but when they got elected we realized they giving us another hell!
sometimes you became the youth's inspiration
but most of the time you're a key to all desperation
sometimes you make the inspired feel so good
but most of the time you made their day in the evil mood
some says you're the key to build a newer life
but there were so many lives you ruined and ruined
i believe you helping some dreams to become reality
but you are aiding some dreams become a nightmare fatality
sometimes you gave sight to the blunder
but you also take away the vision of the others
sometime in election, you made us feel like a precious jewel
but weeks after that our lives become so cruel
they say you make the whole world go round
and help people rise when they are feeling so down
but why there were so many sins committed just because of your glory?
i'm almost believin' are existed to make our lives live miserably

that's what politics are for...

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