Friday, April 16, 2010

just like a bubble

in our life...
there were so many things come and then go
things we can not bring back to be slow
there were so many things you can see for a while
then suddenly you don't know it's far away a thousand mile
there were time we used to be wasted
time we let to be passed and just neglected
there were opportunity we didn't know slipped in our hands
we just sigh & feel sorry 'coz our fate were simply unplanned

there were chances we used to ignore
'coz we're afraid to face any kind of sore
chances that could be a key to a good life's destiny
were not brave enough to struggle the misery
there were important things needed to be said
but sadly it became worthless when you told
there were things necessary to be done
but woefully it become useless when it shown
there were many things we think has a sense
but it became nonsense when you express
there were questions longing for a respond
but until now we're waiting beforehand & beyond

in this life...
not all that we wishes may be granted
not all of our questions can be answered
not all of our thinking is correct
and not all things are created perfect
the time we have right now
is just a memory for tomorrow

we may have all the riches in the world
and we can buy anything that we know
we can be at any places we wish to go
but we shouldn't be ashamed to whisper: i care & i love you
to our loved one who stand with us 'though our lives is full of grief & sorrow
'coz one day we will all be gone...just like a bubble

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