Wednesday, March 31, 2010

all about time

sometimes, we doesn't care about time
we simply let time be wasted 'coz we think we're perfectly fine
time that means so very precious to others
while for the desperate thinks it should be cursed

but most of us needed the importance of time
even its seconds is needed like a mine
time to be treasure in the coming future
moments to reminisce when our wounds needed to be cure

sometimes we don't know that time is running so swiftly
years just passes unknowingly 'coz we're getting so busy
then we realized soon enough that we have wasted some time & opportunity
no choice left but to accept it, whether we feel sorrow or glee

sometimes we're blaming time for what just happened in our life
some people are affected 'coz we easily to be frightened
we loose hope so fast 'coz we don't know how to fight
but if we learn how to struggle we could also see the light

there comes a time, we felt some happiness and loneliness
there's also a time we need to celebrate then forgets
there comes a time for failure and some success
there's also time we feel sorry 'though we did all of our best

sometimes we wish we could turn back the time
so we could straighten up our life's curve line
sometimes we wish could turn back the hands of the clock
so we could amend all things we have done a "mock"

but we have to face the simple truth and reality
we shouldn't blame time for the things we've done so silly
i know someday when we wake up on one sad morning
we're here in the world just waiting for the end of our time... that is sure approaching

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