Friday, March 5, 2010

admirations condemnations

i do not admire your senators who deals with issues not for the betterment
of the country but just for their bullshit publicity

i do not admire your cabinet secretary who instead of thinking solutions
to the crisis we experiencing, blames God just to have goddamn alibis

i do not admire your governor who instead of spending government fund to
road & infrastructure projects, invests on armory & built a grand palace

i do not admire your congressmen who propose legislative acts not
for the good of the economy but to gain personal interests that is greedy

i do not admire your mayor who rules and leads the city not for his people
but to lead his entire family in rich & power while we leave us in poverty

i do not admire your judge who serve justice “blindly” not for fairness
and equality but to favor the alleged who gave him much money

i do not admire your attorney who you thinks fight with you in the court
not to prove your innocence but to prove his greatness ‘though he knows his client has a fault

i do not admire your doctors who instead of treating first the poor patients
still thinking first of the precious downpayments

i do not admire your customs’ official & employee who never think of the bureaus’ revenue due to his corrupted mind & coercion is one the only thing he knew

i do not admire your internal revenue official & employee whose job is to religiously collect taxes but instead collect “greasy taxes” and put all on his pockets

i do not admire your military who we always expect to uphold the laws
but instead they are the one who always blamed for some desaperecidos

i do not admire your generals who promise to defend the country and the constitution but we see them bringing contingency scam a whopping 6.9 million

i do not admire your superintendent who we thinks a noble with a flawless record
but did we ever think who’s protecting the untouchable gambling lord & drug lord

i do not admire your cops who arrest suspects not to serve the law
but to accept bribery out of the allegation

i do not admire your traffic enforcer who apprehend driver not to
implement the traffic regulations but to make money out of the violation

i do not admire your baranggay chairman who pledged to protect the community
but instead protecting comrade who operates gambling activity

most of all, i do not admire your president that despite of the failure of the government to suppress the graft & corruption and multiple scams & scandals, still have the courage to candidate to lower position just to have some power

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