Monday, July 11, 2011

Do this way, The Duterte’s Way

"The only reason there is peace and order in Davao is because of me."
- Rody Duterte

I'm not from Davao but how I wish, I was born, raised and experienced living at this province. Davaoenos are so proud and very vocal to say that their town is one of the safest places in the Philippines (if not, the most). And when we say Davao it is synonymous to the Dutertes. Dutertes, who rules Davao for more than two decades and counting. You can say that the Duterte’s way of governing their civic is rude, strict, authoritative but it is somehow magically turned effective; the crime rates are low, the people are disciplined, folks are cooperative, the leaders and officials are well respected. Many oppose the martial-law-like ruling of this town but they as well, wish that their city is like Davao; many has disagree this kind of directive but has no concrete plan and proposal to “pacify” the hard-headed Filipinos. With all the negative traits and character of most Filipinos i.e. undisciplined, willful, stubbornness, I think we need leaders like the Dutertes ~ leaders who has iron hand and a true political will.

The urban legend “Davao Death Squad” seems to be a part of this good result. ‘Though the Duterte’s strongly denies their involvement on the Death Squad they somehow tolerating and consenting them, in any manner. It is not yet proved that this squad is directly connected to the Dutertes’ but the existence of this group is no longer a question. This vigilante group, who took the law on their hands, serves “justice” before it went to proper court. The Death Squad, who likes an Angel of Death, fears by many.

It is sad to know that despite the lawlessness of this so-called death squad most people have agreed & embrace this wrongdoing. It is a desperate move from a desperate Filipinos who always seeks for changes, for progress, for discipline, for justice. Ignoring the “due process of the law” and implement their own set of law, just like during the ancient time. But what is due process if the justice doesn’t serves us right? What is due process if justice is so delayed? What is due process if a Judge serves only the wealthy and favors the rich man?

Dating back 70’s & 80’s era, Davao once tagged as a city of chaos. Murders and crimes are everywhere and people are uncontrollable but when Mayor Duterte assumes office in the late 1980’s; the once troubled Davao became a peaceful City, in fact it was dubbed as “The most peaceful city in Southeast Asia”! From then on, Duterte never lost on any election and they will continue to win not just on election but on every heart of the Davaoenos. The Davaoenos loved them as who they are; Davaoenos embrace them as what they are. While most of the Filipinos hate politicians, Davaoenos treasured and respected the Dutertes, not by forced but with all their heart.

The incident happened on July 1, 2011 involving the current Mayor of Davao, Inday Sara Duterte and the court sheriff Mr. Abe Andres wherein the Mayor throws a 4-punch combination straight to the face of Andres, significantly symbolizes the power and authority of the strong Duterte. It has a message that says: “If you’re not with me you are against me!” connotation. The attempt of the Mayor to avoid the violence between the demolition team and the informal settlers ironically turned violent and more controversial. (Assume that this is from the minds of Inday Sara) Damn, those people who says it’s wrong, damn the critics who’s only job is to criticize, damn the moralists who is morally immoral. Damn those human rights activists who never see the reasons behind the actions. The father and son Duterte defended the Mayor from the critics and in return, they gave them a Duterte (dirty) finger (what do you expect?). You can’t blame them for their acts it is natural and understable for them to defend each other because of their strong family ties. The Dutertes young and old has this reputation of being strict. You can say that they rule the town in a harsh and arrogant way but if that’s the prize we have to pay to achieve a better place, and then let it be.

If we are just talking LEADERSHIP alone, the Dutertes’ system of leadership is indeed a great job. A classic example of the saying: If there’s a will, there’s a way. Do this way, the Duterte’s way.

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