Sunday, February 13, 2011


Defining beauty should come from the heart…people almost always tends to see first the physical beauty because of the glimpse of attraction, skin deep indeed.
The entirety of beauty need not to be the beauty of someone’s faces but the beauty that is within her;
...the way she see positive things in perspective;
...the way she magically turns madness into calmness;
...the way she controls herself in the most troubled situation;
...the way she lovely smiles despite the burden;
...the way she kindly treats life in spite of the uncertainty;
...the way she gleefully accept people without doubts and hesitations;
...the way she effortlessly put smiles on anybody's faces while peculiarity reigns.

Isn’t it beautiful to possess these qualities rather to have the beauty of the skin deep?
How can be beauty be beauty if you don't possess the beauty deep within?
For most of us who value beauty based on physical attraction;
for most of us who ignore the true innermost beauty;
for most of us who judged people not on the mystique that endow her.
Then we all need to learn more the real meaning of the theory of beauty.

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