Thursday, December 3, 2009

life is happy :-) life is sad :-(

life is simple...
happy is what you feel when your childhood crush smile back at you
>>>he treated you well & wishes that time freezes when he's with you
but sad is what you feel when you greeted someone but nobody bothers &
>>>it seems that they doesn't see you.

life is heeding...
happy is what you feel when someone gives you importance & presents
>>>a moment that lingered & remembered all the time all your life
but sad is what you feel when nobody cares for your presence
>>>even your trusted friend no longer be found, no longer in sight

life is challenging...
happy is what you feel when you pass on every trials & every test
>>>you feel relief unknowingly there's more to be done
but life is sad when you fail & defeated, 'though you give your best,
your blood, your tears, these aren't enough to achieve the needs

life is unfair...
happy is what you feel when you have the luxury to dine in a restaurant
>>>you can order & eat whatever on your mind
but life is sad when you see someone asking for an alms
>>>to feed his kids & family who's faraway behind

life is survival...
happy is what you feel when you & your family feels well & healthy
>>>you can smile all day without nothing to worry
but life is sad when your loved ones is in sick
>>>there was nothing you can do, 'though you see them in a state of weak

life is free...
happy is what you feel when you have the democracy
>>>a joyous feeling without nothing to worry
but it is sad when your freedom suppressed & you're behind bar
>>>it adds more grieving when you know you're not guilty of any crime

life is hope...
happy is what you feel when you see a crying newborn child
>>>as you also see the hopes lying in their eyes
but life is sad when someone you know may soon be gone & die
>>>all you feel is just sorrow & grief and all your smiles has cease to exist

life is playful...
happy is what you feel when you see kids playing in the streets
>>>riding a bike or running along with their dad
but it feels sad when you see a child begging despite of heat
>>>wandering with a baby, wondering what would be his destiny

Life is happy, life is sad
not all who smiles are happy and not all who are happy is smiling
not all who cries are sad and not all who are sad is crying
the happiness you feel today is can be commensurate by sorrow tomorrow

smile can be your best friend but likewise to your tears
a sun may shine on dawn but it will soon sets on afternoon
the love you feel today may become hatred tomorrow
whether you feel happy whether you feel sad it will you surely reach its limit
everything must come to an end

it is sad that someone's happiness become more expensive,
like a commodity, or a material thing that needed to buy
you sometimes wonder on your every single day,
you seldom asked what would be next, you always think of your family's future
life is short. cheer-up. i'm also asking the same question.

time is gold and so is life.
don't be a slave of your time, of your company, of your salary, of your money.
your family needs your time too. yes, life is sad but it is more sad if it's too late. neglecting leads to regretting and nobody can turn back the hands of time.
find time to spend this wisely. a child of today may become an adult tomorrow.
you can play with your kids today but you can not do it for tomorrow.

life is no contentment.
a good boxer aims to be the greatest boxer, a millionaire desperate to become a multimillionaire, an average beauty wishes to become a goddess of beauty.
try to be happy with what you have, you can never have & get it all, never. ever.

you can never make all the needy to be happy
but you can make your own family smile,
a glass of coke with your kids means a tons of happiness to them
a consistent simple dinner with your family unwittingly very special to them.

Life is deceiving. be aware.
the true essentials can not be bought, the true happiness lies in your heart.
maybe the happiness you are looking is just around us.
you can never be an angel but you can refrain to become an evil.

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