Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mark as Failed...

None of us is perfect and sometime in our life intentionally or unintentionally we make mistakes and sins not just because we are a born sinner...some reasons maybe we were forced to do mistakes or we just can't simply do to be holy, period. Sometimes it was late to realized that we have committed mistakes and sins and find ourselves kneeling and asking for some forgiveness. All of us have ups and downs in our lives some might afraid to confess his failure, some have bravely admitted, some are still pretending to be saint, some are submitted their selves to jail, some save their selves to become innocent, some admits to be guilty 'though he knows he's not...Half past my life here I am confessing and submitting and thinks that I am: MARK AS FAILED...

I have failed to be a candid motorist for I always exceed beyond the speed limit
I have failed to be an affable neighbor for I always failed to lend and extend a helping hand
I have failed to be a good listener for I do not patiently understand what the speaker is saying
I have failed to be a loyal friend for I always have a reason not to spend extra time with them
I have failed to be a cordial individual for I preferred to be alone than to enjoy with someone
I have failed to be a gracious man for I have failed to be friendly on almost every occasions
I have failed to be a generous son for I have failed to provide all the needs of my parents
I have failed to be a good Samaritan for I seldom give alms to the needy
I have failed to be an understanding brother for I always misunderstood the thoughts of my siblings
I have failed to be a caring uncle for I didn't guide my nephews and nieces the way it should be done
I have failed to be an honorable pupil for I did not learned all of the good lessons from my schools
I have failed to be a commendable student for I have cheated several times in my life
I have failed to to be a strong leader for my weaknesses always overpowered my strength
I have failed to be a satisfied citizen for I've always been a critic of the government and its officials
I have failed to be a cooperative constituent for I dislike whoever is the incumbent
I have failed to be a trustworthy person for I always reserve my doubts and distrust to any strangers
I have failed to be a devout Christian for I always failed to visit church every Sundays
I have failed to be a patriotic Filipino for I don't have enough courage to say that I'm proud to be one
I am a failure to my profession for I have nothing I can do to suppress the corruption
I am a failure as a human for I sometimes think of my pride and self-esteem than to be a humble one
I am a failure as a son of God for I repeatedly committed sins and failed to heed the God's commandment...

This is me and regrettably, I ashamed to say that I have so many shortcomings, so many failures in this life but I am now crossing my fingers and still hoping to cope, to amend things in the remainder of my life; hope it is not too late, hope it worth the wait; hope that I'll be forgiven, hope that a chance would be given.
As I assume that this is a near impossible task to achieve I am trying to be as good father as I can be; a good husband as I can be...
The adaptability, sensitivity,compromise, obligation, responsibilities, pleasant, humility, virtue, respect, patience, faithfulness, trustworthiness, supportive, communication, love and affection are just words but collectively it can create a not perfect but a dynamic relationship;
I have failed on so many but hoping to pass on some...

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