Friday, May 14, 2010

the world i live in

while everybody is clamoring for a total change in our society
while most of us is desperately seeking for a great leader
while some people praying for a miracle
while the lives of some are now depends on the government
while the less fortunate now showing smiles on their faces
while the tearful eyes of the hopeless are on the wane
while we imagine the future in the hands of a new hope
while we ready to taste the sweetness of renewed politics
while we opened the doors for absolute change
while we see high expectations in the masses' eyes
while the trust and confidence has risen from the grave
while we savor the success of democracy
while most of us now is in cloud nine & high heavens
while the echo of promises still lingers in our ears
while we welcomed the hopes of a new mornings
while we leave the grief and the mourn behind
while the new government leads and takes over
while the conflict of politics is now subsiding
while reconciliation is being extend to everyone
while the progress of our country is now awaiting
while the promised heavens is yet to be hold
while some have learned to move on despite losing
while we bid goodbye to old regimen
while the corrupt practices vow to become history

here i am wondering, living, working
in what you consider the prime source of corruption & smuggling
not the p.n.p., not the b.i.r. but its her twin sister the b.o.c.
kept thinking how to curb the corruption
kept wondering how to suppress dishonesty
how will it happen?
how can it be done?
how can you tame the beast in the wild?
how can you cure a terminal disease?
16 long years and i have coped to live with it
in the system where the survival of the fittest is the rule
in the world where dog eat dog is a must
i can not define what's life within here 'til you get in
i can not tell if there's still beauty left here 'til you see their ugliness

four presidents, ten commissioners
nothing happened, nothing changed
nothing will happen, nothing will change
different faces, different personalities
the same strategies, one objective
'though the fight against corruption is the platform of the new leader
i will everyday jump for joy if this will ever happen
not in this place, not in this bureau
the way of life in the world i live in is just eternal as the sun
as long as the lion hunts his prey
or the word corruption is in the dictionary
this will evolve, this will exist

my country is listed among the top's most corrupt
and it's not new to anyone in any nation
but to see it in your every day is different one
most of the time i can not understand them
'though you are giving them grease
they still want more 'til you bleed
they're not beggars but they always begging
they're not vagrant but they always wandering
its not christmas its not their birthday
but they longing for presents especially on fridays
whether we pay less whether we pay more
it doesn't really matter 'coz lion's share is their mindset
like a vulture waiting for the weak
like an alligator waiting to be fed
if by chance you meet and talk with some of them
holier than thou is what your impression
the faces you see on their mirror is different from their reflection
if you have money they call you friend
but if you don't have you're like their enemy or foe

this is my way of life
this is the world i live in
where the weak will be the prey
where the heartless will survive

everyday i do and see wrong
'coz i deal with bureau of customs
do i have any choice?
this is the world i live in

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