Thursday, October 8, 2009

Questions of greatness

Is the greatness of one person measured by...
his educations?
his knowledge he acquired?
his achievements in life?
his preaches & teachings?
his being a good speaker?
his camaraderie & being friendly?
his being a perfectionist?
his being hardworking?
his savings & his wealth?
his status in society?
of his help to to the people?
his legacy that he'll leave?
his dedication to his preferred job?
his expertise on laws?
his expertise on bible?
his survival capabilities?
his leadership?
the number of countries he conquered?
the number of battles he won?
the number of laws he passed and signed?
the number of friends he have?
the number of lives you saved?
the number of jobs he created?
the respect given to him?
the prestige & honor he gave to the country?
his love for his country?
his popularity and being famous?
his attitude towards his family? or the other people?

if by chance we don't possess such qualities... then therefore we have lived and we will leave this life without greatness?

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